Private Enterprise Sector

The Ridgeback team will create new opportunities for your business. 

With years of business development experience and extensive connections in the Israeli and US business communities, we can effectively help your company achieve its business goals by finding the market information you need, locating partners, setting up high-quality meetings and creating strategic relationships.

Whether it is in one of the advanced technology areas such as the life sciences, cleantech, digital media or information technology or a more traditional sector like consumer goods, food products or cosmetic, we have the contacts and know-how to pursue the right business opportunities for you.

Ridgeback offers private enterprise sector clients a broad range of professional business & economic development services in Israel and the United States which include:

Identification of Strategic Partners

We listen very closely to our clients and thoroughly analyze their needs and objectives in order to identify highly-aligned, strategic business partners with whom there exist exceptional synergies.  Ridgeback’s professionals personally accompany you every step of the way to facilitate valuable business relationships that bridge language and cultural barriers.

Qualification of New Business Prospects

If your strategic goal is to enhance product pipelines, in-license new products or technologies from Israel’s dynamic innovative landscape or identify trusted distributors, Ridgeback can assist by performing an in-depth evaluation and validation of potential business partners and opportunities. 

Arranging Focused B2B Meetings and Itineraries
Based on carefully defined criteria specified by our clients, Ridgeback arranges highly synergistic and targeted business meetings and itineraries in the United States and Israel.  By facilitating positive interactions in advance of such meetings, we greatly enhance the quality of face-to-face interactions, leading to positive relationships and results.

Lead Generation to Create New Business Opportunities

Ridgeback’s clients are frequently interested in developing new markets and extending their sales to additional territories. Working closing with our clients, often as an extension of their in-house business development capabilities, we help to create new business opportunities and sales that generate additional revenues.

Planning and Coordination of Business Missions and Delegations

Business missions and delegations are an exceptional vehicle to accelerate economic and business development. The key is facilitating highly-aligned, synergistic relationships and networking opportunities that drive B2B interactions. Ridgeback works closely with chambers of commerce, trade promotion agencies and industry associations by arranging one-on-one and group itineraries for business missions and delegations that visit Israel and the United States.

Company/Area Attraction

Job creation through business attraction is a key objective in today’s highly competitive economic development arena.  Ridgeback is skilled at implementing focused activities and programs to encourage foreign direct investment (FDI) and attract companies to create business opportunities and open facilities in our clients' locations.

Seminar Promotion and Logistics

From agenda development to location selection, Ridgeback provides the turn-key services that are required to hold targeted business and marketing seminars.  These services include agenda development, participant profiling and invitation, speaker selection, collaboration with local partners and sponsors, event coordination, venue selection and on-site logistics.